Dogs cant climb ladders!!

Khumbu Oct 28, 2010

We had a trip with the hu'parents to a gorge they had never been to before, we were in the car for over an hour. Turns out its not suitable for us four legged lot, you will see why in the following pictures. The rock was very slippey and Bruno struggled up a few of the sections ha ha, hu'dad had to push him up some. After what turned into only an hour or so walk, we got to go to the beach. Its only my 2nd time to the beach so im still learning about the sea but Bruno went in for a proper swim after a stick.

Walking into the gorge

This is where the rock starts to get slippy smooth

Me climbing up a slippy section ahead of the others

Try not to laugh at this video :-)

Getting deeper into the gorge

Hu'mum being silly

AND this is what stopped us, how are we supposed to get up that??!

Up to mischief waiting at the ladder for hu'dad to get back, like the shadow

Bruno waiting at the ladder in the shade

On our way back to the car we noticed a massive dry waterfall

Bruno in the sea

Bruno having a swim with the stick in his mouth, me, im watching birds

Paddling and chasing sticks

Me looking happy with my hu'dad


norwood: woos that was super fun! how come hu-parents didn't wear backpacks big enough to fit you and carry woos up the ladder? silly hu=parents. norwood PS- that was a pretty cool gorge

Wild Dingo: wow what a neat area! for the record, i'm pretty sure my Formosan Mt. Dog could climb that. but... he's a "mountain dog" after all and is kind of meant to climb steep stuff! ;) and he's been known to climb up and down real ladders. but alas, he's getting more cautious as he ages (he's only 3.5)... maybe wiser is the word! looks like a lot of fun!

Khyra: WOW! That so beats my walks in the neighbourhood! Hugz&Khysses, Khyra and The Golden Khousins

FiveSibesMom: Bruno, have no fear, Gibson here from the FiveSibes. (I don't usually blog, but my Hu-Mom showed me the video). I am with you pal, I can't get up those types of things either. High paws for trying! You should see me try to climb things, the other pups chuckle (I know they do), but my Hu-Mom always gives me a boost and then let's me rest. We good, Bruno. We belong to a very special club for us big boys. ;-)

The Thundering Herd: Ok, we really like challenging trails, but that be a bit much.

RAHUSKY: How exciting! Rock climbing 7 swimming in the same day:) Arrooooo!