Disruption to our daily routine

Khumbu Nov 14, 2017

Last week our daily routine was disrupted! Part of the process of getting our house legalised is to get the humans their own septic tank. The house shared these facilities with others, but new laws state, get your own. So this was planned to happen on Monday. Diggers and builders were due to arrive, the gates would be left open, which apparently meant we would have to be kept inside and out of the way. They clearly have not heard about the skills we huskies have at hole digging, working breeds and all that, they surely needed our help?

The hu'parents got up extra early, we got walked extra early, we got our breakfast extra early, the yard was cleaned up and we waited. We waited all day and nobody arrived. Well what did they expect, this is Spain after all! The builder made contact and said they would be here on Tuesday at 08.30.

Khumbu watching the digger go past the window

A new plan, we would wait until just before 08.30 for our walk, get us out of the way for an hour. Guess what? So we went for our walk and arrived back home to no builders! We got to eat breakfast outside as usual. The builders turned up around 09.45 BOL We spent the rest of the day inside the house. We were taken out a few times for extra walks so we could do our business.

Arko playing with the remains on an antler

During one of our extra walks. Our world is turning green again after the rain we had

This routine continued for Wednesday too except we had to wait until they were finished until we were served our dinner! Rita and Arko did escape on Wednesday, the builders left for lunch, hu'dad shut the gate, we were allowed out, but there was a problem that only Rita and Arko spotted, the gate was not shut properly and the wind had blown it open. Myself and Kyra were in doors snoozing and a while later hu'mum said "it's quiet outside", always raises a panic when it is quiet, and hey presto they were gone. Hu'parents went looking for them but couldn't find them. Rita turned up an hour later, with a big smile on her face but tired. One of the builders found Arko when he was on his way to the house. Talk about scaring the hu'parents, still they had a great time running around the campo. They didn't get to out on the next extra walk, just Kyra and myself. Rita made it known she was not at all happy about this. You can watch her video below

We still can't believe they didn't want our help to dig a hole, but more confusing, how come they allowed a digger to dig a hole and we get told off when we do so?

Inspecting the hole that the digger had dug

All drinking from the waterbowl at the same time, except Rita moved as hu'mum pressed the button

Sharing the sofa


The Ao4: Wow! Now THAT'S a hole!!! Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher

The OP Pack: That video was so much fun - you would love to see how we all reacted to it. Mom video'd us and may post it tomorrow:) That was some impressive digging, but we agree - you all would have done a superior job. Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

KB: You did a great job digging the hole. I know that the big machine was just there for show... and it was really YOU who dug it!