Cloudy wet walkies

Khumbu Nov 06, 2012

We have had a lot of rain recently, which was needed but seriously enough is enough. If it was falling as snow it wouldnt have been so bad but all its done is wash the snow that had fallen away!

Well I did a lot of this

Then we get back on the track

Found another terrace to check our peemail

Getting back on track, im so fast im a blurr

We heard a noise so checked to see if it might be our pal Charlie coming for walks with us, couldnt see anything and hu'mum says he is in the UK

Teaching Kyra the fine art of checking out peemail, she got the action but in wrong place

Heading towards the most active peemail tree

Digging in my message to make sure nobody misses it

Come on Kyra ive got the scent of something, lets check it out

Its down here Kyra

Oh why would someone tie their shoes to the tree?

Can you see how much im pulling, my harness is not touching my body where me lead is attached to it

The cloud came right in

We finished our walk by eating some grass on one of our terraces. Hu'mum says we acting like horses

Not the most exciting walk for you humans but we enjoyed it, the rain makes the smells much better.


Clowie: We've had cloud like that some mornings recently. It looks a lovely place to walk.

RAHUSKY: Harrooo mates! What a pleasant walkie! Khumbu- woo are just a blur zooming along there! And Kyra, are woo off leash?? What a lucky pup woo are! Take care furiends, RA