Christmas Eve and Christmas Day walkies

Khumbu Dec 25, 2017

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families and that Santy paws was good to you.

Not a lot to report really. We mostly behaved. We complained about the sun being in our eyes during group shot attempts.

The olive groves are being prepared ready for olive picking. We got to clean a tub of ice cream out.

We got left over meat from hu'dad in our dinners. Just another normal day in our household.

Arko returning from an adventure

The ground around the olive trees is being prepared for collecting the olives

We complained the sun is too bright

The boys off on an adventure

Yep i'm coming, I heard the word sweeties (treats) being shouted. Arko is hiding behind the tree

Waiting for icecream. Hu'dad took it over to Kyra so she didn't have to move BOL

Hu'mums attempt at a group shot with her in it. Didn't work. Khumbu had been over to check the camera and refocus it BOL

She gave up trying to get a shot with her in it, we still complained the sun is too bright


The Ao4: Wow, you guys have the best walkies!!! Did you get any of that ice cream!?!? Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher