Buff, puffed and a new hair cut

Tapa Apr 27, 2010

This morning I looked like this

Me - Tapa

Early afternoon I looked like this after Auntie Emma came to visit and decided to brush me!

Not happy about the new look

Then the humans decided it was time I had a new look, lost the dreadlocks and smartened up. Out came the scissors

Getting a hair cut

Next shockingly came a bath

Getting washed all over

Not sure im happy about this

Now really there is no need to post this picture

Then I got to dry off. We went to investigate someone walking past the house

small, medium and large

Khumbu and Bruno were a real pain, they would not leave me alone. I think they thought there was a new pup in the house. Khumbu kept trying to get me to play, does he not realise the trauma ive just been through. Bruno just ran around after me with a strange squeak coming from him!! Ive had to be very harsh on Bruno because he was a real pest. So it seems this is my new look, what do you think of it??

Sat on the roof terrace

Me - Tapa


Jules: Awwwwwwww you look sooooo cute xx

Anna: Tapa, you look just bonny, can you keep the look for a while.... you might get lots of loves from the humans. x