Breaking rank .... again walkies

Khumbu May 27, 2016

It seems we were not being co-operative again. All of us appear to be doing what we want. One thing we have noticed is when Kyra gets left behind, maybe she has found something interesting to investigate, when she finally catches up she thinks she is in trouble and will NOT look at the camera or hu'mum. Totally baffles us, we have no idea why. Hu'mum tries her hardest to capture her running to catch up with us (not often you see Kyra run) but as soon as she spots hu'mum, well the pictures below will let you see how she behaves.

Hu'mum found a new orchid, Rita photobombed this one!

Nope we are not looking at the camera, there is something far more interesting over here

Kyra was running to catch up, saw hu'mum and walked very slowly

Kyra refusing to look at the camera

Kyra still refusing to look at the camera

Khumbu leaving peemail, Rita had found something interesting ahead

Having a cool down

Khumbu (disappearing on the right) and Rita (disappearing on the left) breaking ranks, Kyra undecided what to do.