Bitey face is the best game

Khumbu Nov 12, 2017

Rita and Arko, being the delinquents youngest members of the pack are the two that play this game often, not just once a day, not just twice a day, not just three times a day, no this game is enjoyed countless times a day. They are so well practiced at it they think it should be in the Olympic games and that they would become gold medalists!

During a good game of bitey face Arko will then launch into a game of catch your own tail. Rita will take this time to rest up as her brother spins in one direction for three or four rotations, pauses and starts to spin in the other direction. He often catches his tail, but this does not stop him from spinning around, he just loves to spin. Once he has finished catch your own tail, he is ready for another round of bitey face.

While this is going on Kyra can be found laying on the floor rolling her eyes in disgust at the behaviour of youngsters these days. Khumbu will be watching with interest from the sidelines making sure that rules are not broken, and if someone steps out of line he will shout his disgust at them.

Let Bitey Face begin

I chomp you little brother

Catch your tail time

More bitey face

More catch your tail

I chomp your leg Rita

My what lovely teeth you have Arko

All the better for chomping you with Rita

All over

What to do after bitey face games


The Ao4: Looks like a LOT of fun, you guys! Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher

The OP Pack: Misty and Timber do that a lot too - Misty is the tail chaser (and sometimes she even chases Timber's tail:) Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

KB: Our pups love bitey face too. And it always ends with two snoozing dogs :) Great photos!