Best day so far this year - Playing in the snow on Cerrillo Redondo

Khumbu Jan 22, 2010

We had the best day ever so far this year. Hu'dad and his client went ski touring whilst hu'mum snowshoed with us. We got to walk through a forest full of snow, then we came out onto snow covered mountain, fantastic.

Walking through the forest

How excited were me and Bruno, we ran, jumped, skipped, squeaked, buried our heads in the snow, great stuff. It was hard work walking up the steep mountain, so mum turned us around and took us down to the shade whilst the skiers continued up.

Resting in the shade next to a stream

Best bit about going back down was she let me off the lead so I got to run all over the mountain, you can see a bit of me doing that on the video below.

After getting back down to the forest edge we sat down in the shade by a stream for an hour where we fell asleep.

Me sleeping

Bruno sat in the snow with Cerrillo Redondo in the far background

After an hours rest mum made us walk back up hill for an hour so we could meet dad and the client skiing down! WE then got to chase the skiers down to the forest again, which you can see in this video. We sure were tired when we got home but we did have a great day.