After the wind walkies

Khumbu Dec 13, 2017

Those clouds did indeed bring some wind, it got quite strong.

We headed out on a walk and came across some damage, we checked it out.

We then saw Ibex on our way up to the Ermita. Hu'mum was pleased she had Rita and Arko on the lead. Arko then had a little adventure into a tunnel. It enables the water from the acequia to cross the road without destroying the road. He thought it would be fun to go in and scare hu'mum BOL

Heading out after the wind

Investigating a branch from a tree that had snapped off. Good job we were not near that when it came down

We had Ibex, we got very excited to see our friends. They are ringed in red for you

Khumbu watching the Ibex

Arko decided to go and investigate the tunnel

He popped out the other side of the tunnel

Arko coming back through the tunnel


Khyra and Sometimes Her Mom: Woo have the khoolest walks! We nevfur get to see ibexes and stuff! Hugz&Khysses, Khyra&Holly&Khousin Emmy

The Ao4: That tunnel looks mighty fun! The Ibex are very well camouflaged! What a great walk!!! Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher

nanuk: Oh Arko:) That's funny, NukNuk