After the rain

Khumbu Nov 30, 2017

We didn't get as much rain here in Lanjaron as was hoped, but still something is better than nothing. People are now allowed to have their fire licenses and can burn the cuttings from the olive groves.

Our walk was entertaining because we had puddles to mess about in and of course the best news of all is the acequia is flowing again. The first time in months. So we had to have a paddle even if it was cold by human standards.

Hu'mum liked how the suns rays came through the clouds but didn't like the cable in the picture

Our friends over at AO4 headquarters, Cammie and Maggie, well their mom took the cable out of the picture for our mum. How much nicer is the picture now. Thank you

Group shot with clouds and a puddle

The boys having a paddle

She tried to get all 4 of us in the shot, but it didn't work

The girls