Acequia's on our walkies

Khumbu Jul 16, 2010

Its been real hot over here recently and our walks are early in the morning now, usually before the sun gets up and over the mountain. We are tending to do the same walk most days, mainly because Hu'mum says there is water en-route from acequias. We usually pass 3 that are running most days, well 3 that we can get in without disappearing down a shoot. After normal winters the acequias tend to run dry through July & August, but this year after all the rain/snow we had there is still plenty of snow melt making its way down the mountains.

The first acequia we pass

The 2nd acequia, we have to take a detour to this one. Can you see us?

Me in the 3rd acequia, the biggest & most fun

Bruno walking up the acequia

And to finish a short little video of us playing in the acequia when the water was running quite fast. Dont you just love the sound of running water.


A Husky Life: What a great way to cool down! :)

norwood: The acequias look like lots of fun! Bruno looks like a big bear trying to catch a fish upstream! I think I'd do what Khumbu does.. zoomies up and back! norwood