Above Lanjaron and above the clouds on Boxing day

Khumbu Dec 26, 2010

On Boxing day we, the hu'parents and clients went up to the snowline for the clients to practise winter skills. As far as we are concerned that means a day out in the snow for us.

Here are most of us heading up to the snow above the clouds

It had rained for many days since our last trip out before Christmas and there was much more snow.

The mountain Cerro de Caballo 3009m

On the way up Ibex were around, I got excited and had to have my Canny Collar put on so that I didn't drag mum all over the place.

I dont like my canny collar can you tell?

It was very hot in the sun above the clouds, we had many rests on our way up.

Bruno looking cute having a rest in some snow

The cloud never quite reached us, but it made some pretty pictures.

Clouds creeping up to us

So the humans started to practise ice axe breaking, I wanted to join in.

Notice the ice axes that they are all holding, if they had feet like us they wouldnt need them

practising ice axe breaking

I got to go for a snow zooomie whilst this was going on, nobody got any photos though! Bruno tried to rescue the humans who were throwing themselves down the mountain, but he slid all the way to the bottom. Everyone laughed, it seems it scared Bruno as you will see from the next picture he looks like he is holding onto the snow.

Digging his claws into the snow

Bruno sitting funny

You can see the mountains reflected in my eye

Here are a few more photos of us till the humans finished their stuff.


Me, Khumbu

Nice picture of me, Bruno and hu'mum

Look at the size of Bruno's tongue licking Bryonys face

People seem to like taking our photos.

I do smell them goats

We stared to head down the mountain, hu’mum let hu’dad take me for this bit, wise mum. We had fun though, hu’dad sat down in the snow, I pulled him down hill and Bruno chased us.

Before hu'dad sat down

Then hu’dad passed me over to Phil and he ran with me, he was wearing snow shoes, we went real fast, he then fell in a hole and I carried on pulling him, everyone really laughed.

Heading towards Phil for my zoomie

We found an old track and followed that back

Me on the old track above the clouds

Disappearing in the clouds

Back in the car

There we lots of spaceships around that evening as you will see from the last picture. I hope we havnt bored you with all our pictures from our great day out.

The mothership and her children


Emma: Wow you do look like you have been having fun. They are both so photogenic..

Khyra and Her Mom: OH MY! What great pics! I love the mountains reflected in Khumbu's eye - The Mothership and Her Children caught our eye as well - Of course, Khyra would be on her way for a photoshoot if I didn't have our Nissan's keys safely out of her reach!