A water kind of walkies

Khumbu May 19, 2016

With temperatures rising to 28C (82F) today, our walk involved lots of water. We love to cool down in the water enroute. We are lucky to have the water flowing down from the Sierra Nevada mountains and into these irrigation channels. We know this won't last for the summer, just when we really need it. So we make the most of it for now.

Khumbu was off lead again for various parts of the walk. Khumbu and Rita did run off (I told you they were trouble together, she is a bad influence on him BOL), they decided they didn't want to go home and wanted to extend their walkies. Don't worry though, they did come back after a few minutes and we went home another way.

2nd water stop. Rita eating water

Khumbu eating bubbles

Khumbu showing he can do a recall and is not always suffering from the Siberian deafness affliction!

3rd and best water stop. Khumbu almost went for a swim

Khumbu shaking the water off and Rita just joining the party

The three of us

The three of us again. A certain two know where the treats were

I love this water hu'mum and I love you. Oh you have a treat in your hand!

Then it was time to play get Kyra

Kyra wondering why this annoying white dog keeps getting her

Khumbu suffering the Siberian deafness affliction!

Rita not suffering the Siberian deafness affliction and choosing to just to ignore hu'mum!