A walk up flat top mountain

Khumbu Oct 12, 2010

We had our first outing in the car recently as its cool enough for us to go in it again. We went with the hu'parents to a mountain they call flat top. It was a bit scrambly getting up, we had to do a lot of jumping up onto rocks and at one stage Bruno got stuck. You needed a run and jump but Bruno dosn't do running and so he couldnt get the jump needed. The hu'parents had to push and pull him up, hard work because Bruno is a giant dog. Anyway we eventually got to the top and had some great views. They chose a different way down to make sure Bruno didnt get stuck again.

Sorry about all the photos but mum can not decide which ones to put on, so she has put quite a lot on. Dont forget you can click on the pictures to see a bigger version.

Bruno stuck on the mountain, he dosnt look to bothered does he

Me looking down at Bruno wondering what his problem is

Me looking very happy, see the smile

Bruno at the summit of flat top, can you see the fly in the photo

Me on the summit of flat top

This is the view, we live in the valley between the 2 mountains

Look at the size of that tongue

Looking for trouble

Attached to the summit again

Bruno doing his tongue exercises

Found trouble

Back at the car, hot, tired but happy


FiveSibesMom: I read this on Twitter and had to laugh when I saw how handsome Bruno needed some pushing & pulling. Then seeing these fantastic photos, I smiled again. Bruno and my Gibson would get along famously. They both don't like to run (well, Gib does short spurts and it's more like a horse's canter than an actual run!) and he sometimes needs some pushing & pulling on walks (if it's anything other than freezing out), and they have cousin tongues! Although Bruno's does have Gib's beat...!!! Bruno & Khumbu are just so beautiful! Great pics - the mountains are breathtaking...and love the summit shot. Catch you on Twitter!

The Thundering Herd: Those silly humans - thinking that tying a Sibe to a fixed object can actually prevent them from finding trouble.