A walk in the Lecrin Valley

Khumbu Mar 11, 2010

We got to go on a day out yesterday. It was not raining for a change so we all piled in to the pick up and headed over to a place called the Lecrin Valley not far from us. We had a great day sniffing all the new smells, looking out for mountain goats and wild boar, we even took in the view. Hope you like the few snaps attached below.

Me looking out for goats, pigs or anything else of interest

A view of part of the Sierra Nevada

My pal Bruno taking in the view

Me & Bruno on the look out in different directions for anything that moves

Me looking longingly at the snow on the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Bruno looking like Billy no mates


Lisa: Looks like a fantastic location! Great pics, looks like you had fun.

OLI: Looks fab....is there any wildlife to chase?....Mum has promised to take me on a walkie there in June....cant wait !!

Khumbu: Yes plenty of wildlife to chase and birds to try and catch, still not worked out how to do that, but it is a great fun trying and a great place for walkies :-)