A walk in the clouds

Khumbu Feb 13, 2010

Todays walk was without Bruno, he has a cough, so hu'mum decided he should stay behind this morning, so off went me and my mum. This is my favourite team, im always well behaved when its just the 2 of us, even when we meet other doggies. We actually couldnt see much on the walk, oh but we did manage to get a picture of the dog who lives in a barrel, he's very sweet and knows us now. Hope you like the pictures.

Me looking out into the nothingness, notice the almond tree in flower and the beware of the bull sign

Im off on an adventure not much else to do when you cant see anything

Even im beginning to disappear

The dog who lives in a barrel, the barrel is to the left of the tree

Did I hear something down there?

Going down the mule track past an old finca


The Thundering Herd: We love walking in the fog like that. it is so eerie and quiet and peaceful.