A trip to the vets for Khumbu

Khumbu Feb 13, 2018

We had already been to the vets with Khumbu thinking he had a grass seed in his foot. He was given antibiotics and anti-inflammatory tablets and was to go back in a week to 10 days. Well he was no better after finishing the tablets, so off we went again. Auntie Claire was over for a visit so she helped hu'mum at the vets and brought some warm weather with her. On the previous visit hu'mum was on her own and came out black and blue after Khumbu had tried to climb over her to get out of the place! He hates going to the vets. Khumbu was knocked out, actually he was just sedated, but it totally knocked him out.

It turns out he has a hole that goes right through his foot, top to bottom, it's going to take a long time to heal up, but the vet is pretty convinced there is nothing in there. Hu'mum says there is something quite wrong seeing the vets tweezers come out the top of the foot, yuck. Auntie Claire felt icky, so she waited in the waiting room BOL. Home we went once Khumbu had woken up enough to walk. The bandage was to stay on for one day, then clean the foot a couple of times a day but leave it open, no bandage, no boot.

The day before the vet visit.

You woke us up, we were catching some sun out here

It's hard work occupying the sofa. Actually hu'mum got up in the middle of the night and found the 3 of us curled up on the sofa, of course Khumbu moved before she could get the shot

Let me out of here

I'm feeling kind of weird

Help my legs are going in opposite directions

Out for the count

Khumbu up on the counter and the vet investigating his foot

Bravely walking to the car

Sleeping it off with his bandage. He was a good boy and kept it on. In fact he didn't want it taken off when the time came!

A short video of a rather drunk Khumbu walking back to the car


The OP Pack: Poor Khumbu - how the heck did he do that? He was a very good boy to keep his bandage on. That would NOT have happened here. Hope his foot heals well. Please give him some smoochies from us. Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber:

Khumbu: We have no idea how he did it. We suspect it was done the day we were out with Arko and his other family, the same day he cut his leg. We can't find anything that would have done it, so who knows. Poor boy, but he is doing okay. Thanks checking in :)