A rainbow day and a long walk

Khumbu Dec 29, 2017

Well the drizzle produced a rainbow that came and went for two days.

Once the weather had settled down again we had a long walk. Needless to say we had bundles of energy to release. We came across some more damage from the recent winds.

Woo look a rainbow, it was trying to become a double rainbow

Something made Khumbu go up here and investigate

He wouldn't come, so we had to go get him

The next day the boys were on a mission. Hey come on your slow ones

Yes we are waiting for you again

OK I am coming down to get you

And then they were off again

Hey Hu'mum Arko went up this way somewhere

Look here he is

And once again Arko returning from an adventure

Kyra just despairs of them

Cooling down after all the running around

More cooling down

Arko is not allowed on the roof of this ruin but he likes to go up there

Hu'mum wanted a group shot. Arko wasn't ready to join us put he did show his face

So hu'mum took us to him

Hey look hu'mum a BIG branch was blown off this tree

What's taking you lot so long

No room left on the sofa


The Ao4: I'll bet I could SQUEEZE in there next to Rita! Those pix are so cool -- especially that beautiful rainbow! Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher

The OP Pack: We just love following along on all your adventures. And oh, that rainbow show should be printed and framed - it is awesome!!! Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber