A proud Rita walkies and a vet visit for two of us

Khumbu Jun 16, 2016

Well Rita was mighty proud of her find today and who can blame her. Khumbu and Rita had a vet visit. It was traumatic for all involved as usual where Khumbu is concerned. A routine Leishmainia booster, that's all he needed. We thought Rita had a grass seed broken off in her leg.

Khumbu refused to enter the vets and cuts his foot while being dragged coaxed in. This leads onto the vets checking his feet and deciding he has hard skin and now we have some treatment for the cut and if it works we have a prevention we can use ready for next summer. Rita's grass seed turned out to be a snake bite and is now on anti inflammatory and antibiotic tablets!

We have this path covered too

Look what Rita found, a whole baguette

She proudly carried it all the way home. Please can i keep it

Snake bite

After our vet visit and safely back in the car