A day snowshoeing with hu'mum Part 2

Khumbu Jan 13, 2015

This is part 2 of my snowshoeing adventure with hu'mum, Uncle Pepe and Trish from Australia. We were on the hunt of a Golden Eagle. We have had sooooooooo much more snow since I was there. In fact so much snow you can't actually get to where we went BOL how can there ever be too much snow?

After my excellent recall I had a little snooze

Look at my little foot prints

And then we saw the Golden Eagle still sat on the rock. Hu'mum wished she had the big camera and lens with her

I was supposed to look at the camera but I was watching to see where the Golden Eagle was going

Oh dog I am just so happy to be out here

Uncle Pepe, Trish and me. Hu'mum cut off Mulhacen!

Hu'mum wanted a new profile picture, but I was having it. Notice how Mulhacen is in this shot

That's enough then lets go this way

Now please forgive hu'mum she seems unable to photograph straight horizons

Wonky horizon again. A song came into hu'mums mind by Whitesnake

An' here I go again on my own Goin' down the only road I've ever known, Like a hobo* I was born to walk alone An' I've made up my mind I ain't wasting no more time

Yeah I'm having so much fun

That's right Uncle Pepe follow me, like a hobo indeed!

Just checking to make sure you are all coming this way

So I do like to walk alone, nothing wrong with that

Time for a bit of fun, this will make them walk faster

Full stretch towards the forest

Bottoms up

Apply the brakes

Only kidding hu’mum, I’m on my way to you

Back into the forest, back on the lead, back to those smells

I am so sure there is something tasty in this forest

Oooo patch of deep snow

Wow look at all these logs they didn’t manage to collect before the snows came. We could make a cabin.

I guess the idea of making a cabin was too much for them, so we headed back to the car instead.

Tada, so that was my fun day in the snow. I sure hope you enjoyed coming along with me and that you all have some snow to play in.


Anna: Lovely pictures Kierst, looks like Khumbu had loads of fun xx

KB: I love your photos of that day up high in the snow. It sure looked warm... no jackets? That's a wonderful winter day! I have the same horizon problem... but in your mom's case, it looks like the horizon really wasn't level!!!! It's rarely level in the mountains :)