A day of excitement and clouds

Khumbu Dec 08, 2017

Well it was a crazy day here at home. First off we had so much frost our mountain roads were frozen, it's the closest we have got to snow.

Then we had a cat alert.

Throughout the whole day we had these crazy clouds that hu'mum kept photographing. She kept saying something about UFO's but we kept telling her, no they were just lenticular clouds, they indicate that it's going to get windy soon.

Bet you are glad we are walking up hill hu'mum, could get messy for you if we going down hill BOL

Cat alert

The clouds first forming

A close up of the clouds

Arko had a lot to say trying to tell hu'mum about the clouds

Hu'mum knew sunset would be quite spectacular. The first part of sunset. See how the clouds had progressed during the day

Arko still talking, Khumbu thinking she isn't getting it

Then Rita turned up to stop the talking

Play bow

Bite ya bum

Hu'mum wanted a picture of us with the cloud sunset. Neither of us wanted to participate

Arko's sunset picture, he wouldn't stay

Somehow hu'mum changed the settings on the camera and this was her sunset picture


The OP Pack: Merry Christmas to you and your family. Woos - Lightning, MIsty, and Timber, and Mom too