A cold and windy walk

Khumbu Mar 10, 2011

Well it was a trip with the hu'parents over to flat top mountain (that is our name for the mountain, it is actually called Girlada, pronounced Hirlada). After the hour long 4wd to get there, we got out the car to be met by a cold north wind, wow it was cold. Bruno, hu'mum and me set off on a walk to try to get warm.

Our view of snowy Cerro de Caballo

After reaching a big drop and virtually impassable shrub, we turned around to head back towards Flat Top.

Flat Top does not look so flat top when close to it

We walked down a track and got to see the Mediterranean Sea. Its a bit hard to see it on the photo below as the sea and sky were the same colour!

The Mediterranean Sea behind the tree

Our walks have been a bit limited these past few months because of the Pine Processionary Caterpillar which are leaving their nests to find somewhere to pupate. They are very dangerous to us dogs., they also irritate the humans skin and kill the pine tree eventually. Anyway we saw lots of the nests here but we were not allowed anywhere near them and didn't see any on the floor.

Horrible Pine processionary caterpillars getting back into their nest

So after a couple of hours of walking in the cold wind, we found a sheltered spot and had a rest in the sun.

Resting in the sun

We carried on for a few more hours and occasionally we could hear hu'dad who was taking people scrambling up Flat Top. We didn't bother going to the summit today because it would have been real cold up there with no shelter from the wind.

Me hearing hu'dads voice

Oh you may wonder why im wearing 2 leads in the above photo, well you see I got a little bored and chewed my flexi lead (well whats a husky supposed to do). When hu'mum picked up my lead she found that I was not attached to it, but she always carries a spare.

Hu'mum reckons Bruno looks like one of the many lion statues you see in different countries

We waited in our sheltered spot we had found earlier in the day for the rest of the group. Bruno and I had to entertain ourselves, ive no idea what is going on in the photo below but it seems we were having fun.

What are me and Bruno doing?

After we had messed around we got in close for a cuddle and game of bitey face until the whole group was reunited and we all went home.

Cuddles and bitey face time


Kari: Looks to me like the two of you had fun! Kari http://dogisgodinreverse.com

Khyra: Khan I nap with woo two? Hugz&Khysses, Khyra

Wild Dingo: Oh babies, you're in the Spring Training Biggest Loser Camp! woo hoo http://www.wilddingo.com/2011/03/11/spring-training/ ya, not to be mean...but i'm not seein' the "tuck" on your profile photo in the last post! ooooo... dont' worry, i call juno AND loki "fatsey" to their faces! i'm so mean... juno should shoot for much lower but i think she's actually mixed a wee bit with malamute. she's a little on the bigger side for a sibe. and not because she's a fatsey. i kinda think she's just bigger than most sibes. when we got her as a puppy 1 year old she was 53 lbs and had about 5 more to gain for adult life. that's why i'm shooting for 27 kg (59.5 lbs)... it's pretty close to 58... good luck! glad you're joing us!

Michelle: Looks like a fun walk - glad you were on the lookout for those nasty caterpillars! Yuck! Beautiful photos too!