A boing boing walkies

Khumbu May 21, 2016

Yet another beautiful morning walkies. There was plenty of boing boing action through the long grass and plenty of cooling down in the acequias too.

Unbeknownst to us it was also bath day. Rita had hers the other day as you are aware if you have seen our Stinky Rita Facebook Post so it was the turn of Khumbu and Kyra. Khumbu cried and started to scream his way through his bath. Hu'mum says do you know how difficult it is to bath a waterproof dog, wet one area, Khumbu shakes, he is dry again, wet one area, Khumbu shakes, he is dry again, you get the picture! Anyhow Kyra got a reprieve as hu'mums back is not up to washing two of us in one day. Looks like it will be Tuesday for Kyra.

A boinging Rita

A boinging Khumbu

Khumbu and Rita checking out the days messages

Khumbu got to the water ages before hu'mum arrived. He was happily cooling down.

Then Kyra arrived to join in

A very happy Khumbu

Khumbu watching Rita shake the water off

On the way down Rita was convinced that the Ibex were around

They have to be there somewhere

Down we go

And down and down

Khumbu strutting his stuff after his bath

Khumbu drying himself on the rug

Khumbu resting after the trauma of his bath


NanĂ¼k: Heya mates! Wow love that picture of Rita perching up high! We think the water way is pretty neat too! But why arent wooos peeps playing in the water too?? Nuk