A blue sky with a snowy mountain backdrop

Khumbu Mar 26, 2018

A blue sky with a snowy mountain backdrop means one thing only ...... photo time. Well as you will see from the pictures below, as usual, things did not go as hu'mum had planned. Hu'mum placed us where she wanted us, then went down to get into position to take a photo. We had other ideas, this was not how she left us.

She tried to call us into position, but we got distracted.

Some of us looked towards her.

We got a little more distracted again

Khumbu came over to see what she was talking about. The girls had vanished.

Arko and I searched to see if we could spot them. Well that's what we told her.

As you can see the girls were not in the direction we were looking, BOL.

Kyra and Rita came back over but Rita found something interesting to sniff.

So Khumbu came over to see what it was.

Arko was waiting patiently while we clowns, well that was what hu'mum called us, clowned around!

Hu'mum asked Kyra to lift her head, but by then Rita was distracted .... again

And then Khumbu vanished and so had the snowy view behind us

Arko then vanished, so it was just us girls with no snowy backdrop.

Khumbu came back.

And Rita tried to vanish with her lead attached.

Boredem had set in, Rita was working out a route to go, Khumbu was working out how to get down the wall, Arko was gone, but Kyra was trying her best.

Then Kyra was bored too and the whole thing came to an end.

We do enjoy our photo shoots BOL


The Ao4: Well done, every-pup!!! Ha roo roo roo!!!! Yours sincerely, Margaret Thatcher